what is our elite core?

The elite core are the four values and eight standards that all abco members and partners operate by on a day to day basis. 
  1. Be transparent always  
  2.  Be the epitome of poise and quality  
  3.  Your superpowers are determined by your capacity for optimism  
  4. Consistency breeds success 
  1. Keep it short and sweet (Simplicity) 
  2. Never rush for something that may not be your blessing (Delayed Gratification)
  3. No one should be able to read you (Self-Awareness) 
  4. Promise to always lead with love as we all have a backstory (Tolerance) 
  5. Emotional eyes can never see rational thoughts (Self-Control) 
  6. Been seen less than you are felt (Impact)
  7. Someone’s loyalty to you comes with an expiration date, it doesn’t mean yours has to (Loyalty) 
  8. Your name and your word are your ONLY foundation to stand on (Credibility)
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